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For more than 65 years, the Aachen Machine Tool Colloquium (AWK) is involved in current developments of production technologies which experience new dynamics by the topic of “Industry 4.0”. Already for some time, we occupy ourselves with the development of cross-linked production systems at the WZL and IPT and believe that by evolutionary steps in all subdomains of production and IT the industrial revolution can be realized. The focus of our Aachen Approach on a vision regarding industry 4.0 lies in radically increasing the productivity of collaboration in the interaction of humanly and automatically directed processes. In the course of the 28th AWK from May 22nd to 23rd in 2014 we would like to discuss this potential with you.

Please also note the WZL/IPT-App
True to this year’s AWK topic “Industry 4.0”, we are pleased to present you a special highlight in preparation for the conference. Since a few days ago, the official WZL/IPT App is available for you in the App-Stores of Apple and Android.
You are now provided with a further service to keep you updated regarding the conference’s program, the industrial exhibition as well as the test rigs of the WZL and Fraunhofer IPT. The WZL/IPT App saves all contents on your smart device making all information available to you even without being connected to the internet. Thus, the WZL/IPT App is the perfect companion for your attendance at the AWK.

What makes the AWK special?
Together with highly qualified persons of the entire manufacturing trade and economy, the scientists of the WZL and Fraunhofer IPT have already started to prepare the structure and content of the presentations a year prior to the AWK.
Behind every presentation, there is a group of up to ten top-ranking experts, who have been chosen according to their fields of expertise in the topic. For this reason, in the course of the AWK innovations will be presented that have already been reflected regarding current requirements of the companies and therefore contain a high relevance to practice.

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